Helpful Pediatric Dentistry Tips!

Cavities In Baby Teeth – What You Need To Know

by Dr. Steven Whittemore | Published September 25, 2017

Adults aren’t the only ones who can develop cavities. Unfortunately, those pesky black spots can show up on kid’s teeth, too. So what causes tooth decay and how can you [ more ]

5 Ideas to Get Your Kids to Floss

by Dr. Steven Whittemore | Published July 20, 2017

Even as adults, it often takes us years of dental visits and bouts of gingivitis and cavities to learn that flossing is important. And it takes even longer to get [ more ]

Drinks That Are Harmful and Helpful to Your Child’s Teeth

by Dr. Steven Whittemore | Published March 29, 2017

The American Heart Association recommends children consume fewer than six teaspoons of added sugars per day, meaning children, including those in their teenage years, should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened [ more ]

Types of Dental X-Rays & How X-Rays Benefit Your Child

by Dr. Steven Whittemore | Published January 4, 2017

While there has been controversy whether or not dental X-rays are safe for your child, you’ll be happy to know dental X-rays are very safe and expose your child to [ more ]

Fluoride’s Role in Your Child’s Development

by Dr. Steven Whittemore | Published November 18, 2016

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a natural element that has been linked to preventing tooth decay. It can be found in water and certain foods. Fluoride is also added to some [ more ]

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