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How to Promote Healthy Snacking for Your Kids

by Dr. Steve Whittemore, D.D.S. | Published August 31, 2016

Once your child is old enough to eat solid foods, it’s best to start promoting healthy snacking sooner rather than later. Eating healthy foods prevents tooth decay, which happens when your child consumes too much sugar. Tooth decay can prevent the teeth from growing properly. Here are some healthy snacking tips for parents from the staff at Pediatric Dentistry in Des Moines and Ankeny:

Set a good example

Eating healthy 100% of the time may not be realistic; however, your kids are more likely to eat healthy foods if they see that you are eating and enjoying them. Remember that you are their role model, and it’s common to see children mimicking parents’ behavior and eating habits.

Include your child in meal planning and prepping

Have your child help you create your grocery list, go grocery shopping and prepare the food. It helps to give them options. Apples or pears? Swiss or cheddar cheese? The more invested they become in creating the grocery list, the more eager they will be help you shop for the items that are on your grocery list and prep the meal when it’s time to eat.

Make healthy snacks fun

Pinterest has a lot of great ideas to make healthy snacks fun for kids. Check out this list of 25 healthy snacks for kids! Healthy snacks don’t have to be that complicated. You can make a turtle out of an apple and grapes, or a snowman out of hard-boiled eggs

Go to the local summer farmer’s market

In the summertime most cities have a local farmer’s market. Des Moines has a large farmer’s market on Saturday mornings where hundreds of local farmers display their produce. This presents a great teaching opportunity about how fruits and vegetables are grown. You can also take your child to a local berry farm and have them help you pick some delicious fruit, whether it be blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

Pack healthy snacks on the go

If your family is always traveling to and from sports practice, piano lessons, and other activities, packing healthy snacks on the go is a must. It can be things such as whole fruits or baby carrots.

Hide vegetables in smoothies

If your child is a picky eater, sneaking leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, into a smoothie is a great way to help them get the nutrients they need. Check out these 21 easy and healthy smoothie recipes for your child! You can also use smoothies to help introduce your child to new fruits.

Devote time to create healthy snacks

Preparing healthy snacks for your children may take more time, but your child’s dental health and overall health will benefit in the long run. Equipping your child with the right nutrients early on will give them a lifetime bonus of stronger teeth, mind and body.

Visit your Pediatric Dentist in Des Moines in Ankeny

Ask the professionals at Pediatric Dentistry for more tips on healthy snacks. Dr. Whittemore and Dr. Barseti would be more than happy to give you some advice.

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