New Patients

Learn What to Expect
As a New Patient at
Pediatric Dentistry of Central Iowa!

Before Your First Visit

It is sometimes helpful to prepare your child for their first visit by reading stories or “playing dentist”! These activities should be fun, relaxing, and ultimately reflect a positive feeling regarding the experience. Parents’ bad memories of their own dental visits should not be expressed, as maternal and paternal anxieties are readily manifested in the child and will only act to sensitize him/her to their new experience. Older siblings should be discouraged from taunting or scaring the young child with stories of their own.

When You Arrive

When you first arrive at our office, please alert our staff as they will be awaiting your introductory process. The Patient Information Form will be reviewed, insurance information will be gathered, and one of our technical staff will review pertinent medical and dental history with you. We are proud of our modern facilities and will be happy to take you on a short tour of our office.

During Your Visit

Children under three years of age usually feel most comfortable with mom or dad along for the oral evaluation. Infants are usually examined in a “lap” style, in which mom or dad holds the child and the dentist examines the teeth. Children over three years of age generally have the confidence to attend the oral exam on their own, and we encourage parents to allow their child to be independent. If at any time you wish to accompany your child during his/her visit, please notify one of our technical staff so we may accommodate you.

After Your Visit

After thoroughly examining your child, the dentist will review his findings with you and make recommendations regarding further visits. For any necessary procedures to be performed, a thorough explanation, cost estimate, and timeline will be discussed. Predetermination of third party (dental insurance) coverage is highly recommended in the event procedures are to be performed. Our experienced administrative staff will aid you in the predetermination process. Please remember that insurance often underwrites only a portion of dental services, and the patient (parent/guardian) is ultimately responsible for the fees of service.

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